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Tips for the aspiring entrepreneur

November 29, 2012 by Jay in Business with 0 Comments

Being an entrepreneur is a job that assumes a lot of swagger and glamour. One mention of the E word invokes images of sports cars, fluid timetables, black credit cards, personal assistants and lavish offices. The reality however, couldn’t be more different and being an entrepreneur not only requires double the workload of 9-5 jobs but also comes with a frightening lack of financial security. To top things off, the current rigidity and toughness of the Western economic climate has made entrepreneurship harder than ever. Here are a few tips for those brave enough to embark on such a task.

Go Hard or Go Home
One thing that many people wishing to be an entrepreneur aren’t prepared for is the incredibly intensive workload that will come their way upon embarking on fulfilling their goals. Well, the intensive workload SHOULD come their way and it is basically a matter of putting in as much as you want to take out.

The single most important factor for being a successful entrepreneur is hard work and this must be remembered from the offset. If you’re not willing to go hard, then go home.

Make a Plan and Stick to It
The second single most important factor for being a successful entrepreneur is having a blueprint to adhere to. This blueprint must be stood by at all times, as chopping and changing will only leave you constantly starting from scratch.

Outline what it is you plan to make your money from, how you will go about doing so, how you expect to market your business, your target audience and where you expect to be after a succession of timeframes.

It Takes Money to Make Money
Many of you will therefore need a good amount stored up before embarking on your journey. This should be enough to cover all costs, from product development, to marketing and necessary equipment, as well as any travel costs needed.

It may therefore be a good idea to take a low interest loan out from the bank.

Utilise the Internet
The internet really is a businessperson’s best friend. With social media providing incredible platforms for marketing and networking, and a plethora of other websites giving out advice and support and consumer platforms, there is no better place to grow your business.

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Michael Davids is a young British entrepreneur and freelance writer. He started off working for a payday bank in London before opening his own financial advice company.

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