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Fail to prepare, prepare to fail – The interview preparation guide

December 18, 2012 by Jay in Career with 0 Comments

So you’ve made it this far, a successful CV and application. The key to the next part of landing the job is preparation and lots of it! It is important to plan for each different scenario and questions that might come your way so that you don’t find yourself stumped or lost for words at the interview. Our friends from Digital Recruitment Agency, Online Resourcing have sent over their expert tips to help prepare you for your next interview.

There are 5 things you need to begin the preparation stage:

  • CV & Your Covering Letter
    • The recruiter will usually have a copy of these to hand and questions are 99% going to be based around your past working experiences and situations so make sure you know it inside out. Be honest, it is not worth giving false information in CVs or covering letters in attempt to impress, if you are offered the position your employer is bound to find untruths and you are only hindering yourself.
  • Job Specification
    • For a successful interview it is vital you understand each element of the role and what would be expected of the successful client. If there is anything within the job description you are unsure about, do your research! There is nothing worse than an interviewer asking about an aspect of the role you should be familiar with and then having to admit you haven’t done the reading. If you prepare, you can’t be caught out.
  • Information on the Company
    • Employers want to know why their organisation is attractive to you and what makes you keen to join their team. It is not only knowledge that they are looking for, but a positive attitude and motivation to be successful in their company too. Make sure you’re clued up on the background of the business; know core services, market position, who are their main competitors and what differentiates them from others. A generic answer to this type of question won’t succeed, make it personal! Carry out research using the company website, competitor sites, newspapers and trade publications.
  • Potential Questions
    • Prepare a handful of intuitive questions so as to engage the interviewer and increase their perception of interest from you. This will also help you sound articulate, well-prepared and organised; three vital characteristics employers look for.  Try and think outside the box and ask questions you wouldn’t be expected to ask. This will leave a good impression and make you stand out from the rest of the candidates.
  • Allocate Time to Practise
    • Perhaps the most important aspect of interview preparation is practising your answers and perfecting your responses. This will also help to identify any follow up questions and any areas where your reposes are lacking.
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