Sterling Effort


What does the phrase ‘Sterling Effort’ mean?

Used as an adjective, sterling means superior or excellent quality.

We don’t really know its origin, but the phrase ‘sterling effort’ is used to describe the application of great effort to a task and is a particularly British phrase. It can be used to congratulate a person on (or describe) a victory. One can also use the phrase to offer commiserations to someone who tried very hard to achieve a goal but failed nonetheless. In either event, the implication is that we should be proud about striving to do our best.

The Pound Sterling is the name of the currency used in the UK, although we usually just call it the Pound.

This site is called Sterling Effort because we like to play with words – it’s about trying hard to achieve your goals and create the life you want by taking control of your finances and attitudes.

Sterling Effort was created to stuff some financial knowledge into those of us who grew up without being taught how money really works; how to make it, save it and grow it. Our aim is to give you clear and concise information regarding personal finance and hopefully provide some entertainment along the way.
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